Seerah section added!

6 12 2009

Dear valued readers,

We hope you are enjoying our new online Islamic library! For your convenience, we have added the Seerah section on the Islam page. Among many valued books we have added, you will find:

  • Ar-Raheeq al Maktoom, by Shaikh Safiur Rahman Mubarkpuri (English)
  • What the Bible says about Muhammad PBUH, by Ahmed Deedat
  • Stories of the Sahabah Companions of the Prophet, by Abdul Wahid and Alim online
  • Seeratun Nabi and the Orientalist, V.1, by Prof. Mohar Ali
  • Stories of the Prophets, by Allamah Ibn Katheer

We hope you will enjoy reading these, and be waiting for the next loads of books to be uploaded for you soon Insha Allah!




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