New books added!

5 12 2009

Dear readers,

In our continuous effort to enrich you with more information on Islam, we have added new books on Islamic Banking and Finance. Just check those out with a click!!!

Besides, we have also added some new Arabic books on Tafseer and Hadith. The books on Tafsir include:

  • Tafseer al-Baghawai (Arabic)
  • Tafseer of Ibn al-Mundhir (Arabic)
  • Tafseer al-Manar, Rashid Ridha (Arabic)
  • Tafsser Adwa’ al-Bayaan, by Allamah Amin Shanqeeti (Arabic)
  • Al-Tahreer wal-Tanweer, by Allamah Ibn ‘Ashur (Arabic)

And in the Hadith section, Musnad of Imam Ahmad and Shu’ab al-Iman of Imam Baihaki have been added for your kind reference.

Some basic books on Islam have also been added, which includes:

  • Introduction to Islam by Prof. M. Hamidullah
  • Towards understanding Islam by S.A.A. Maududi
  • Introduction to Islam, by Shaikh Qaradawi (English)
  • A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam, (read on the web)
  • The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, by Shaikh Qaradawi (English/Arabic)
  • Contemporary issues in Islam, by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
  • Ar-Raheeq al Maktoom, by Shaikh Safiur Rahman Mubarkpuri (English)
  • Al-Fiqh al-Muyassar fi Dwu’i al-Kitab wal-Sunnah (Arabic)
  • Fatawa Mu’asirah, Vol.1, by Shaikh Qaradawi (Arabic)
  • Fiqh al-Zakat, Vol.1, by Shaikh Qaradawi (Arabic)

New videos have also been uploaded in the Islam page!!

More books are awaiting you!!




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