Peace be upon you!

4 12 2009
From time immemorial, the Almighty God has sent His blessed servants, known as prophets – peace be upon them all- for the guidance of humanity throughout the world. With the risalah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the chain of prophethood have come to an end. There will be no prophets to show the way to guidance after him (PBUH). However, there will be scholars in every age and Mujaddids (revivalists) in every century for the revival of the true spirit of Islam.This page, in no way, does represent any revivalist Mujaddid, nor any scholar, but it is simply a personal effort to provide the readers with information and links to many Islamic sites.

This page is dedicated for the service of Islam and humanity.
We believe to learn, learn, and learn…until we are capable to implement what we learnt, then to change ourselves… if not the world, the nation, or our friends and relatives…

Our dreams are far reaching, but our capabilities are limited! Wa-Allahu al-Musta’aan!!!




6 responses

4 12 2009

Nice article. Could you please add my blog to your blogroll.

Jazakallah khair.

4 12 2009
Ibn Rafique

Thanks ya Akhi! Hope to be at your service with more references insha Allah!

18 12 2009
Dr. A.U. Faruq Ahmad

Dear Ibn Rafique
Assalamu Alaikum. I appreciate the creation of your blogroll. It will help disseminate the knowledge of Islam among those are hungry for learning. Could you please add my newly published book’s details (at least the cover page) on your blog?


23 03 2010
Ahmed Diis

Masha Allah ya akh baraka Allahu fik

26 04 2010
Ibn Rafique

Shaikh Ahmed Diis
Thanks a lot for your time here, and the comment. I hope you will love the new books uploaded here.
Please feel free to drop any comments you have, to improve the site.


2 04 2010

Great job ya akhi!! We hope this will serve your pure intentions to spread the message of peace!

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